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Dental Emergencies


If you have a dental emergency and need to see a dentist in Newmarket right away, we are here for you. Dr. Chu is an experienced dentist and can diagnose, treat and provide follow-up care on any of the following dental emergencies:


Chipped, Fractured, or Broken Tooth

If you fall and break your tooth, you’ll probably know that you need emergency dental treatment. Injuries that cause structural damage to a tooth can really hurt. If you experience a toothache and notice that a piece of your tooth has chipped or broken off, then rinse your mouth carefully with warm water. If it’s bleeding, then apply pressure with clean moist gauze until the bleeding stops (usually no longer than about ten minutes) and call our office to schedule an appointment.


Knocked-Out Tooth

If the force that your mouth or face suffered was enough to completely knock your tooth out of its socket, then quick action may allow you to save the tooth. Time is of the essence. Try to replace it back in the socket. Then call your dentist or endodontist to let them know you have a dental emergency.

If your tooth is out and you can’t get it back in, then call your dentist your dentist. He might be able to reinsert it instead of having to replace it. Rinse the tooth carefully, without touching its roots, and place it in a container of milk until you reach your dentist’s office. Lost teeth can often be most successfully replaced with a dental implant and crown.


Partially Dislodged Tooth

If it is only partially displaced, try to straighten it out. If your tooth feels severely loose, it may be partially dislodged, especially if you’ve suffered a traumatic impact lately. Take great care not to pull the tooth out, and visit us immediately for appropriate treatment. A cold compress or ice pack to the side of the face can help reduce pain and swelling, and apply pressure by gently biting on gauze, if necessary, to hold the dislodged tooth in its socket.


A Fractured Tooth

If you chip your tooth, collect the piece(s) and bring them to our office. In some cases, Dr. Chu can reattach them. Dental bonding is sometimes used to restore chipped teeth as well. If your tooth is cracked or fractured, then your emergency may include varying levels of tooth pain, depending on the severity of the crack. You can alleviate the pain temporarily by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever and by avoiding putting pressure on the tooth. If the tooth or the tissues around it are bleeding, then bite down gently on a clean, moist piece of gauze.



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