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Teeth Whitening


Why do teeth turn yellow and darken?

Your teeth will naturally darken as you get older. This effect can be compounded by certain foods and drinks such as colas, coffee and tea. Some people’s teeth are dark genetically—just like the colour of your eyes. Some people’s teeth are dark because they have internal stains on the tooth, not on the surface. Surface stains come off during a cleaning, but the deeper stains embedded in the enamel are what comes off during in-office teeth whitening treatments. Now it’s never been easier to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile – professional teeth whitening treatments in-office or as take-home kits are available at Dixon Dental in Newmarket.  Teeth whitening is a 100% safe method. Take years of your appearance and smile with confidence again!


At-Home Whitening vs In-Office Whitening

When whitening your teeth at our Newmarket dental office, we’re using 35% hydrogen peroxide. When you do it at home, it can be anywhere from 7% to 10%. When you’re doing an in-office treatment, there’s a much better chance that your teeth will whiten due to how concentrated the hydrogen peroxide is, which is a bleaching agent.


How to Keep Your Teeth White

In order to maintain your teeth white after having them whiten in-office, we make you a set of customized trays that you take home with you. Once your teeth are white, you can do teeth whitening at home once a month for a half hour—this will maintain the whiteness. Remember that right after your teeth are professionally whitened, you can’t eat or drink anything with colour. Do not eat things like spaghetti with marinara sauce, red wine, ketchup, or blueberries. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker and you absolutely can’t go without it, drink it through a straw. After five days, the new colour of your teeth is locked in but it’s always a good idea to limit coloured foods or drinks.


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