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Tooth Extraction


What’s a tooth extraction?

In a tooth extraction, Dr. Chu, pulls a tooth from the socket of the bone in which it rests. There are two types of tooth extraction: a simple tooth extraction or a surgical tooth extraction. The two extractions remove a tooth from the mouth area, but there are a few key differences to note. In several cases, if you are able to see the tooth in your mouth, you might need only a simple extraction. In case the tooth is not observable, the extraction will be surgical. Besides, hidden root arrangement could make a visible tooth eligible for surgical extraction. If you do not know what type of tooth extraction you need, the best thing to do is to book a consultation at Dixon Dental.
Tooth Extraction in Newmarket


Are You Having Problems With Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Newmarket

Signs and Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

While some people have no problem with their wisdom teeth, many people don’t have enough space in their mouth for these additional teeth and problems can arise when they start to emerge twisted, tilted, or displaced, leading to discomfort, shifting teeth, and infection.

While these signs may be indicative of a variety of oral health issues, it’s important to have your mouth evaluated by Dr. Chu if you suspect an impacted wisdom tooth or experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

If your Newmarket Dentist, Dr. Chu, suggests having your wisdom teeth removed for any reason, it’s important to listen to him and follow his or her advice. While most wisdom tooth extractions are routine procedures that don’t require particularly heavy surgery, they can disrupt your daily routine for a few days and should be scheduled well in advance. Your Newmarket dentist will work with you to figure out a game plan for you and your needs that will best address your unique situation.


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